Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wired Heart DIY

I started today making fork pompoms, moved to finger knitted chains and eventually to wired hearts, I love it when the creativity flows like that! I got the kids in on the act too and I can't wait till our window display is finished and I can share it with you.

The start of a cheerful winter garland, a wired heart and 2 of the fork pompoms the led me here!

Quick Wired Heart Tutorial

Start by finger knitting a single chain in your desired colour. It is possible to achieve a similar chain using a single crochet chain. Not my area of expertise though!
Thread a thin piece of wire through the chain, the wire needs to be about 4cm longer on each end than your wool chain.
(A you tube Finger Knitting video can be found here.)

Bend into a circle, tie the ends of the wool and wind the wire ends shut.
Tuck the remaining wire 'tail' behind so it can't be seen.
Finish shaping your heart. Personally, I like the woven wire showing, if you don't you will need to weave the wire through your chain by entering the next stitch as close as you can. My wire wasn't all that flexible to use but with patience it was possible.
Tying a hanging loop from the top centre of the heart encourages the wool to stay in the 'dip' of the heart, a looser fit like the hearts below results where no tie is in place.

To make interlocking hearts like these ones make one heart and thread the next one through before joining the wires at the end. It's that easy and super effective, what's not to heart about that?

Watch this space for an exiting wool and wire project next post!

May your nest be blessed,

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