Monday, July 15, 2013

Blast From The PAST Christmas Decorations

I've taken a trip back to the 80's and pulled out the pasta! 
 Vintage piping nozzle with pasta star, how sweet this is!

 Pasta and ice block stick cross...because Jesus is the reason for the season!
 Finger knitted wreaths, these are addictive to make!

To make one like the wreath below, finger knit two chains using two strands each. (Green/Green and Green/Red.) You will  need approx 1m of wool per colour.
 Secure at one end and twist the two chains together,secure with another knot in a wreath shape. Add a 3rd colour (mine was white) or continue with one of the other colours, Start at the knot and do a long stitch around the wreath to help secure it's shape. Finish where you started and secure a pasta flower (or bead, button, bow, shell....) to cover the knot. Add hanging loop and you are done!
This wreath is 2 chains of green (4 green strands) and then wrapped in the candy striped wool. (I used approx 50cm of white and red twisted.)
Last but not least, a pastatastic post wouldn'tbe complete without a pasta chain...

Have a BLAST from PAST this Christmas and bring in the thrifty, hand-made charm of home!

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