Monday, July 8, 2013

Wired and Woolly Lettering.

I am so excited about these wonderful, wired and woolly words! This discovery has opened up a whole lot of creative roads for me, I can see these words and other woolly letters appearing everywhere!

 I used the same finger knitting and wire technique as I did for my wired hearts 
but made the chains longer. The word HOME used about 3m of wool gave me about 1.5m of chain. The wire needs to be the same length as the finished chain. Unlike the hearts I used 2 strands of wool for a chunkier result.
As the lettering had more loops than the hearts I also found I had to place the odd stitch to help it all hold shape.
This may seem obvious, but before committing to your word lay the design out before you complete the chain. As the example above shows I would need to add more chain to make a star this size from a 1.5m chain or make a smaller star. There's nothing worse than getting to your last letter and finding out you've gotten to the end of the wired chain first...or so I've heard! Hehe.

The options are fairly endless when it comes to these shapes and words.
Imagine white wool winter words, pink valentines or blue and beachy?
Black with orange for Halloween ,just add spiders!
Red and green at Christmas, words or wreaths, stars and angels...boys names, girls names...

May your nest be blessed!

Coming soon:
Treasure Chest Thursday

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