Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday

Welcome to the first addition of Treasure Chest Thursday!

Check our the treasure's I've been admiring this week. I'm always seeking ideas and inspiration, some of these I put into a 'treasure chest' for safe keeping. You never know when it will be just the right time to use them!

If you were featured, thank you for inspiring me! 

1) This heart was found at a construction (or should I say destruction?) site. 
It inspires me to stop and see and not rush through life. This is of particular importance to me this year as the only resolution I set myself was to stop and enjoy a moment each day...something I sometimes forget to do. Please visit Random Hearts for more...random hearts...of course!

2) Isn't this amazing? The first thing that draws me to this blog is the name...Beyond the Picket Fence. It sounds so welcoming and homely. When I see lots of blogs listed together on a linky or similar I usually go to those with names that grab me. This one did and I've visited quietly (I think they call that lurking!) several times. Check out the amazing star and other projects there!

3) I love these for there simplicity. In fact, I currently have a vase of wild daisies similar to these in my Winter Display. I'm inspired by the lack of frills, the fact that the flowers are the star and Mother Nature shines. I also like the fact I can actually replicate something like this, unlike some of the other things I drool over! Please visit Faded Charm for your own dose of inspiration!

4)  I'm featuring this site for it's usefulness! I can pop flowers in a vase but they don't usually look as casual as I'd like them to.Casual is not the same thing as messy!
Loads of tutorials on this website for floral arrangements, I like the step by step illustrations which as easy to print and follow.

5) A solar candelabra plant stand?? Yes please!
I love this and I am forever finding cool candle holders at the second hand stores. Now I know what to do with them! I am looking forward to making one of these (or several) at Christmas time. If I can wait that long! You'll find this at One More Time.

6) Last but not least is this beautiful creation.
I was so inspired by this we made one! Our looks like this and I love it! It was fun and educational to make, not to mention thrifty!

Some of you may be wondering who on earth 'Ol Mother Hubbard' is...I don't blame you, I've often come and gone quietly for many months. I often don't take time to comment even though I've taken time to enjoy, pin and maybe even create things inspired by my searches. This is me, Ol Mother Hubbard saying thanks for the treasures I keep in my chest!

If you were featured please feel free to take the collage for your own uses, I expect nothing in return.
If you WOULD LIKE TO BE FEATURED...comment and introduce yourself. I would love to be inspired by your crafty tutorials, homes and recipes!


  1. Ohmigosh I'm so honored to see my construction heart featured! Thank you!

    The best part? I just found a bunch more blogs to go visit!

    I hope you have a "treasured" day!


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