Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sail Away with Me...

Come sail away with the markets that is! 
The lay out for this post is a bit odd thanks to computer gremlins who won't load the photos individually, forcing me to turn each one into a collage. It's a bit frustrating but this post wouldn't be very interesting without the photos so I will bear with it and hope you will with me!

The market this weekend will be my first ever. I was testing out my table layout when I took these photos so that's why the cloth and layout changes in the photo! I have been so inspired by pinterest pinners I thought it was only right to share some of the links I have enjoyed and found useful.

One: These are simple goggle bags, no need for a link here, simply make a small draw string bag and make a dent in your scrap pile at the same time!

Two: Fabric collage. I have made 3 of these using recycled fabric . This one isn't quite done, my boat needs a flag and a button like the ones in number three. All of the fabric I used is either bought second hand or recycled from clothing, duvet covers and pillowslips. 

Three: Sail boat wall hangings. I adore these. I've used pillowslips and dress shirts for them. I was inspired by these boats but how could I not be?
 The boats in number Four are from the same inspiration although I made these as soft rattles not wall hangings.
Five:  Sea horse wall hanging. You can see this better in the photo above. Isn't the shirt I used perfect for a sea horse? It's soft and almost velvety too. I was inspired by this sea horse pillow tutorial.

Six: Little softies and beanies. The beanie once are beautifully tactile, I'm tempted to play with them myself!

A few more sea themed morsels for you to enjoy...
Beach Hut door stop. This link also has 8 other projects to do.
Whale softie. Adorable whale that's a little different from most. Pattern on website.
Fabric Sail Boat book end. A 3 dimensional boat to 'anchor' your books.
Fabric fish. No tutorial but you get the idea from the photo.
Nautical Flag.chart. No craft but great reference!

That's all folks, may your nest be blessed!