Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home made chicken nuggets...MMMM!!

These beauties were even more delicious than they look!
 I adapted several recipes and mixed them up to come up with my own mix. I'm gluten and lactose free and I decided these would be too. Oh, I am glad I did! The recipe that follows is simple, frugal and gluten free although you can easily adapt it so it's not gluten free.

WARNING: Your family WILL request these again!

I used...2 cups of gluten free flour (premix, I don't attempt to make my own flour mix)
6 broken taco shells (for the crunch and flavour)
1 egg (it was all I had so I am glad that worked!)
1 kg of diced (imperfectly) chicken breast.

I made my crumb mix using taco shells that had broken (I couldn't throw them out) but you could easily use taco chips or cornflakes. Making them was a simple process of dipping in egg, allowing egg to run off and then rolling them in the crumb. I tried a non crumbly mix but after cooking a few and tasting them 'we' the family decided it need crumb for crunch! 

In yummery: 
I think that these were a frugal choice in comparison to the bought nuggets. It cost me $12 for 1 kg of skinless, boneless chicken breast (see below) $12 is actually a bit more per person than I usually spend on meat for our family  (2 adults, 2 teens, 1 tween.) You can buy a bag of nuggets for the same price BUT for my $12 I got 52 nuggets, no presevatives, no extra fat and I was able to make them gluten free. Divide the 52 nuggets by 5 people and that's plenty, if not too many, each. No-one complained about having extra! Funny that!

The chicken was on special, down about $5 per kg so I won't be able to make this on a whim. I will need to find the breast on special first.
Personally, I would have liked a bit more flavour and I will add in spices or herbs next time.

May your nest be blessed,

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  1. This is the second homemade chicken nugget recipe I've seen today so I think I need to make some of my own :) I'll pass this recipe on to a friend who eats gluten free too! Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!


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