Saturday, January 12, 2013

Altered Tin

Altered Tin
This tin was originally a black velvet covered jewellery box with silk lining Not a vintage tin or anything fancy! You probably have one of these at home collecting dust...and boy do they collect dust!

When I took the material off there was a lovely smooth tin just right to glue onto. Lucky me!

Small book (op shop find)
Key (op shop find)
Small piece cut from crochet doily, button attached to make a flower (op shop find)
Lace doily (you guessed it....op shop find!)
Scrap cloth dyed with coffee
Duck feathers.  
PVA glue.

I was really happy with the sweet tin and the way it nestled on the page with the other elements. (See below)

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  1. How creative, clever and very pretty! Re-inventing and re-cycling can be so much fun! And the result is unique!

  2. Thanks Gemma. I think starting with recycled or re purposed material adds to the whole feel of something. It feels good to do it too:)


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