Friday, January 18, 2013

A Nifty Thrifty Easter...

Today I was at The Warehouse (for non New Zealand'ers that's a place you can by almost anything) and right next to the clearance price candy canes were EASTER EGGS. Already! Easter is 9 weeks 4 days away and most of us are still thinking about back to school supplies not basket fillers! Well, at least I was until I saw the Easter Eggs. Rather than be tempted to buy them early I decided to plan for Easter like I do Christmas.
My kids are now teens and a tween but they still like to get visits from Easter Bunny (funny that.) Last year they got  home made marshmallow eggs. I was excited to make my own marshmallow ones, a step up from my regular home melt and mold chocolates. To package them I wrapped them in tinfoil and put them in a reusable lunchbox container along with bunny noses, bunny tails and bunny 'bombs'. (Jelly beans in pink, white and black.) To put it simply, I was working with a bigger budget last year and as much as a certain boy loved the bunny bombs (yes..poop!) I won't do them 2 years in a row.

Here's my plan...

Carrot Candy Popper, Easter Crafts

This home 'grown' carrot filled with home made Easter chocolates and one or two of these...
and a cute (not for my will need to be black or something for him!) facecloth bunny.
I will modify the design a bit but below is the general idea. I want them to be able to use the facecloth afterwards! 

The bunny is going to hide one of these colours of faith jelly bean bracelets (or a bag of them in the corresponding colours.)
Now I just need to figure out Easter Brunch...

May your nest be blessed,

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PS: I just made these...they'd be great molded as something more Easter like and they're all natural!
See them here.

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