Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guy Fawkes Party/Bonfire Bash part 1

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Flared cupcakes, liquid firework science, edible chocolate sparklers, shortbread matches, sparkler hand guard, charcoal bonfire pots, red liquorice dynamite sticks.

We live in a suburb but that doesn't mean we won't be enjoying Guy Fawkes this year! My son is mad on Guy Fawkes, in fact anything that goes boom or lights up so he's been saving hard all year to make Guy Fawkes extra special. Normally we don't make too big a deal of it but over the last few years it's become more and more of a highlight for him. This year I thought I would turn it into our first annual GUY FAWKES PARTY and BONFIRE BASH! I can already hear my son say hew-rah! (So far he has no clue of what I am up too..hehe.)

Aside from the obvious requirement of purchasing fireworks we are going to need food and decorations. I've recently made a whole bunch of candles for my daughter's 16th so I am thinking I will reclaim the un-melted wax and add some citronella oil to them. No one wants to be munched on by bugs and in our part of the hemisphere that is entirely impossible! Here is a DIY link to Citronella Candles that I found on Pinterest, where else?
Citronella Candles DIY Tutorial
 These will be both practical and pretty:)

I'm also thinking my night time/fire work photography skills could do with a bit of a tune up. Here's a link for others thinking the same way.

I also think I would be wise to harness my son's enthusiasm (like I did with Bear Grylls)  and do some fun but practical learning. He has to write a speech soon so I know just the topic to suggest!
Liquid "Fire Works"

My brain is ticking, watch this space for more crazy awesome ideas!

May your nest be blessed,

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