Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coastal Party Deco. Cheap and Cheerful!

I was hoping to share the table scape photos from our party but, with the exception of the center one the photos I took at home were better! Such a shame... but the memories were last forever.

It can be hard to decorate for a party on the cheap without resorting to plastic items. My only exception were the flowers and that's because I scored them for free:) I love a bargain!
Here is how I did it...

I collected and washed all the shells so they were a gift from nature that did nice things for my budget.
The jars and small glasses were collected from 2nd hand stores at between 20c and 50c each.
I bought thin ribbon from an emporium type shop for 30c per meter, 4m of each colour was enough to do 8 jars.
The tiny gold star fish are scrap booking charms at $2.50 for 10. The lady did me a deal and I got 50 charms for about $10 incl postage. I love a good deal!
The candles are all made from melted down candles that I got in 2nd hand shops. No-one likes a half burnt Christmas candle or one covered in dust but add heat and wahlaa! Fresh wax for pretty candles.
The stick on charms are the type intended for adding bling to your cellphone. I got a packet of...heaps...for $4 at an emporium shop.
The large starfish are made from the foam stuff used in 'peanut' packaging. $2.90 for pkt of 10 which the kids painted at home.
I downloaded clip art for free and just printed them onto the nice side of recycled paper. Who can tell when it's all glued together if it was new white paper or not? So long as it's clean it's re-useable :)

Happy decorating every-one! Enjoy your day with out the stress of it costing you and arm and a leg to make things pretty :)

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