Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Bead Sticks for your flowers.

I used ladder fern. I found it growing wild along the roadside. It's already done a week in a vase with other wild flowers and now that it's looking a bit sad I thought I would cheer it up a little!
Simply pinch the stem between your thumb and fingers and run them along. The little leaves come off easily. 

 A op-shop bracelet, I think this one cost 50c. I simply snipped the elastic and re-used the beads. You can use any beads you want of course!

 It doesn't get any easier than this! Thread the sticks with your beads then stand around taking way to many photos because you love them so much!

The ladder fern intact in the vase below  with the bead sticks. These will keep me smiling until I have new flowers to add colour. Or I could leave them like this and change the bead colours to suit what ever my mood dictates!

 In my part of the globe it's officially winter although autumn hasn't left yet. There's still flushes of red and yellow among the naked branches. Slowly my displays will evolve with the season so I decided to make some winter bead sticks to compliment the natural shape of these Manuka branches. 

I am in love!

 There is only one problem with these DIY bead sticks...they're too quick to make! In no time at all you will have a bunch of them and will be looking for excuses to make more!

You've been warned!! Lol

May your nest be blessed,

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  1. That's a great idea, Lisa. Thanks for showing it.


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