Sunday, March 10, 2013

Science Fun- Specialised Cells. The Goblet Cell.

The goblet cell is a specialized cell. It's purpose is to discharge mucus- aka SNOT and PHLEGM. Exciting stuff for a 13 year old boy and I had no trouble at all getting him actively involved!There are of course many specialized cells in the human body. I chose this one because it was boy friendly!

 Marshmallows represent the Goblet Cell. He used the small pink lollies to represent cilia as well as cells within the gel mucus. That was his idea and I am happy to improvise where needed!  The coloured lolly-sticks are pieces of mucus being discharged but shown in the varying colours mucus (yes the snot!) can come in.
 Icing made not only a good glue but a wonderful cell mucus. It is different to the mucus discharged by the goblet cell, it's more of a lubricant to keep everything working well.Again, my son's input!

 Next to the Goblet cells my son made a scale to show the different types of mucus which may end up on your tissue and what they mean in regards to your health.

Next science post is SNOT ROCKETS aka the SNEEZE. Check back soon if you want to see the results of our activities.

May your nest be blessed!


  1. While I'm not a big fan of mucus, it doesn't bother me much. With 2 kids, and a past life working in a hospital Lab, I'm used to seeing "yucky" stuff.

    But what I love is how you and your son made "snot" into a project that is perfect for kids, yet not too yucky for us grown-ups (snicker). Great job, you guys!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much Clytie. I don't really like snot, it's one of the few things that despite having kids still grosses me out! Lol. We did have fun with this project and managed to eat it after, the only time I will let my son eat snot! LOL


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