Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ice-cream Party!!

 Even an ice-cream party can have healthy ice-cream themed treats. Popcorn cones using home popped and flavored corn and packed into a cone were a hit with the kids. I was rapt with how much like ice-cream these looked!

 Ice-creams made from gluten free marshmallows, melted chocolate and sprinkles. Sweet treat without a huge amount of sugar:)

The cake had to be ice-cream themed too of course! It moved during travel before I took the photo but you can see where I was going with this! The cones needed to be cut slightly to fit the first cupcake in and the icing disguised the gap between the top of the cone and the cupcake. Other than that this was an easy cake and for once we weren't up past midnight wrestling with icing and tricky designs!

Happy ST PATRICK'S DAY everyone and as always,
May your nest be blessed!

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