Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Mistake Cake

Turning a whoopsie into a whoopee!

Occasionally it happens to all of us I am sure, the cake the just doesn't cook the way you want it too. Thankfully all things can be made good with custard and jam :)

I made this as if it was a bread and butter pudding but instead of egg I added custard powder (my kids find it too eggy and don't like b & b pudding.)  I finely cubed and crumbled my cake (actually it was supposed to be a cinnamon loaf)  into a casserole dish then baked it in my milk mixture with a little sugar added. The sugar wouldn't be needed if your cake was sweet though. My original loaf was more bread like than cake. Once it had cooked (set) I spread the last of a jar of jam (about 3 tbsp) over the hot pudding and left it to melt /glaze while we ate dinner.

Although served as pudding tonight the left overs will make a welcome, filling breakfast in the morning. Much better than plain ol' toast and jam!

No-one need ever know it was a mistake cake (or how close to bread and butter pudding this actually is!) Full tummys, happy kids, happy me!

May your nest be blessed,

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