Friday, February 15, 2013

Homemade Donut/Doughnut

I have been fascinated with bread making lately having only just got the hang of it. No doubt my family will be pleased as I've turned out several heavy, scone like loaves and buns in my efforts to make bread!
Yesterday I turned another new page and made baked donuts. The round kind with a hole in the middle.
You can of course cook both the ring and the piece punched out when making the hole.
The 'holes' were dipped in melted butter and then in a little sugar and cinnamon  an instant hit! I froze a few of the rings to test how they would freeze/defrost so watch this space:)
Several things surprised me about donut making.
  1. They're cheap to make as you control the topping. No one said you must dunk in melted chocolate and serve with cream. That would be divine though!
  2. They're healthy...ish. Only 1/3 c sugar in the actual batter and when baked very little fat. Again, no one said a donut is only a donut when served with chocolate and cream!
  3. No special equipment required. I made mine using a baking tray (not a donut tin) and as I chose a dough I could roll I was able to cut out my circles using a round container and medicine cup.
I know this post would be more interesting with a mouth watering photo but I baked in the evening and the light was not the best for photos...except for the few that I froze there a none of the batch left!
I can however link you to the recipe and the authors scrummy photos!

Happy thrifty Thursday and sweet Saturday everyone!

May your nest be blessed


  1. These look awesome!!! Thanks for the link....have to figure out how to do it without daughter has an egg allergy!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Thanks for the visit Giggles! I hope you can find an alternative, these went down well with my kids and I hope your daughter can enjoy them too.


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