Friday, June 14, 2013

Winter Winners

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1. Found on a page entitled 'Nature Crafts for your Winter table"    I knew I had to take a look. Check out the sweet green bird!  LOVE!! The site has a tutorial for making the snowy candles too.

2. I spotted these while looking for mid winter Christmas inspiration. Being in the Southern Hemisphere with Christmas in summer the idea of a Winter Christmas is a bit of a novelty! Most of our major holidays in NZ fall outside of the cold months and mid winter Christmas celebrations have become more common. We started in out house a 2 Winters ago and started a new tradition of making orange pomanders. This site will show you  how to make these dried slices. I love them and think we might do these as well as the pomanders this year.
 Mid-Winter Christmas festival, Tauranga, NZ

A twig vase made from a coffee can has got to be a great addition to any style of decor. It's thrifty too! I have some cinnamon sticks left over from last years midwinter Christmas mulled apple juice so I am pretty keen to add them to my can..and maybe a few sweet, tiny pine cones to the bow.

4. This wonderful scene has been posted purely for inspiration! I adore the table, the owl, the books and the framed photos.  Unfortunately the link offers no further details or projects but I'm pretty sure the photo alone is enough to get the creative juices flowing!

5. When I was young my step-mother gave us pine cones and white shoe polish to make snowy cones with. I don't remember how ours looked but the memory is a warm one. This site will link you to a tutorial for a fantastic twiggy wreath and this link will take you to the fantastic Winter deco board I found it on. 

Drilling out the cavity for the candles will be a great project for my son...and I will end up with fabulous candles for my winter decoration! I love the mixed nuts spread around it too. Awesome idea! The original blogger was right when she said 'Naturally Beautiful'

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