Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nest planters and vases on the outside...

 This nest makes a perfect nursery for the baby begonia. I am fortunate and have a lot of nests. My little ones are kept inside but the bigger ones are outside where they continue to weather naturally. Some times when I get them they're already a little beat up and I've been wondering what to do with those one.
 It occurred to me that these broken nests would be perfect planters! They will continue to break down an as they do they'll feed what ever plants are in them or near by. How's that for eco friendly and thrifty?
 Placed in an old washing basket I filled with plants acquired from elsewhere in the garden it blends in just as nature intended. I love creative gardening!

This nest is already quite broken down but it will look sweet until it's time to replant the flowers, nest and all. Just look at all that earthy goodness! (and a little bit of evidence of man-kind...)
 I also redid the front porch today. I wasn't entirely happy with this compilation, it needed colour and I was out of flowers...or was I?

 Another light-bulb moment for me! Bring the vase of flowers and berries I foraged from the roadside, outside! The plants were picked from the wild so they don't need the shelter others might and WOW what a difference it made to my winter porch display. These berries are also in my winter table display.

Loving it! Nests as planters and vases outside not inside.
Happy sigh!

May your nest be blessed,

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