Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Autumn,It's Wet, It's time for Soup!

Carrot Soups

What's not to love about carrot soup? 
It's a great choice nutritionally
It's frugal
It's quick
It's satisfying
It's easy to make
It's versatile
It tastes GREAT!

Thanks to my own version of carrot soup  I had 6 vegetables for lunch and there's enough left over for at least 3 more servings. I don't know about you but I don't usually eat 6 different vegetables at lunch time!

Here's my version: 5 carrots, 1 red capsicum, 1/4 cauliflower, 1large shucked corn cob,  1 medium potato and 1 medium red kumara, cooked, blended with stock and water..seasoned to taste.

I cruised pinterest for a while before deciding to adapt a recipe to better suit what ingredients I have but above it a collage of some other tempting carrot soups....

Photo 1
Simple Carrot Soup, one small change and it will be vegan friendly too.
Photo 2
Cream of Carrot Soup, not as fat free as the others but all things in moderation I say!
Photo 3
German Carrot Soup I can't wait to try this one. It doesn't use stock so  a good one for a last minute soup!
Photo 4
Roasted Carrot Soup contains ginger for added oomph! 
Photo 5
Carrot and Kumara (sweet potato) Soup This site also contains a variation of this recipe using maple syrup and cinnamon...
Photo 6
Carrot and Cauliflower soup. Recipe uses a whole head of cauliflower and not a drop of cheese sauce in sight!

So, who's hungry?

May your nest be blessed!

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