Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Edible Firework Model

 After watching the video clip (below) I came up with the idea of making a firework modeled on the real one...only edible! You can see our ingredients above, they are all gum lollies which had appropriate names and sherbert straws which I used as a fuse. I think this would also be awesome done with fruit and nuts. Imagine edible gunpowder grapes, berry blasts and cashew comets being served up for breakfast or dessert! Yummmy!
 These photos show our 3rd layer and peanut filler material. The sherbert fuse has been threaded though the cardboard shock absorber. The video explains how the cardboard helps control the time between explosions in each layer.
 Below: Threading the fuse. This started at the first layer and had a secondary fuse attached at the top.
 The first fuse lights the secondary fuse which runs down the outside of the firework and ignites the lifting charge. Without the lifting charge this would not be an Ariel firework as there would be no force to lift it.
 (Note the anti-static gloves,not needed for this but it made us feel like real pyro-technicians!)
This video shows how this is done with the real ingredients.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

7 Deadly Sins.

For the 2nd year in a row one of my children has asked to do Halloween. We've never done Halloween.
Last year we went to a light party run by a local group as an alternative to the dark but this year the kids are too old. (I have 2 teens and a nearly teen.) I played with other 'een' ideas. Marshmellow-een, Yellow-een, Green-o-een etc. I also considered an Irish Halloween so we could focus on traditions and heritage. Nothing quite fit so I kept thinking and eventually came up with THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS as a theme for a Halloween countdown and FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT as the theme for our NOT Halloween Party on the 31st. I hope the kids will be as excited as I am about this!

Come along and countdown with us....if you dare!

I made tags...
 (This was a surprise in the morning!)
And left them a dare....

Each sin will have relevant discussions and activities so they will get the treats and I get to feel like we did Halloween without compromising my own values.
Today's sin is GREED. I printed out the parable of the greedy spider (how the spider got a skinny waist) and emailed this link on the Detroit bankruptcy problems to my eldest. Finally, I wrote out the recipe for the Spider Drink I remember from my own child hood.If I had bought plastic spiders yesterday instead of a giant bat I would have made the cool spider ice cubes below too.
Freeze plastic spiders for drinks 
There's always next year!

I don't plan on doing a formal lesson on Greed. I am hoping the kids will think on this themselves and take away the related ideas from each activity, they're old enough to know about greed.

Watch this space for the rest of the countdown!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guy Fawkes Party/Bonfire Bash part 1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8
Flared cupcakes, liquid firework science, edible chocolate sparklers, shortbread matches, sparkler hand guard, charcoal bonfire pots, red liquorice dynamite sticks.

We live in a suburb but that doesn't mean we won't be enjoying Guy Fawkes this year! My son is mad on Guy Fawkes, in fact anything that goes boom or lights up so he's been saving hard all year to make Guy Fawkes extra special. Normally we don't make too big a deal of it but over the last few years it's become more and more of a highlight for him. This year I thought I would turn it into our first annual GUY FAWKES PARTY and BONFIRE BASH! I can already hear my son say hew-rah! (So far he has no clue of what I am up too..hehe.)

Aside from the obvious requirement of purchasing fireworks we are going to need food and decorations. I've recently made a whole bunch of candles for my daughter's 16th so I am thinking I will reclaim the un-melted wax and add some citronella oil to them. No one wants to be munched on by bugs and in our part of the hemisphere that is entirely impossible! Here is a DIY link to Citronella Candles that I found on Pinterest, where else?
Citronella Candles DIY Tutorial
 These will be both practical and pretty:)

I'm also thinking my night time/fire work photography skills could do with a bit of a tune up. Here's a link for others thinking the same way.

I also think I would be wise to harness my son's enthusiasm (like I did with Bear Grylls)  and do some fun but practical learning. He has to write a speech soon so I know just the topic to suggest!
Liquid "Fire Works"

My brain is ticking, watch this space for more crazy awesome ideas!

May your nest be blessed,

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coastal Party Deco. Cheap and Cheerful!

I was hoping to share the table scape photos from our party but, with the exception of the center one the photos I took at home were better! Such a shame... but the memories were last forever.

It can be hard to decorate for a party on the cheap without resorting to plastic items. My only exception were the flowers and that's because I scored them for free:) I love a bargain!
Here is how I did it...

I collected and washed all the shells so they were a gift from nature that did nice things for my budget.
The jars and small glasses were collected from 2nd hand stores at between 20c and 50c each.
I bought thin ribbon from an emporium type shop for 30c per meter, 4m of each colour was enough to do 8 jars.
The tiny gold star fish are scrap booking charms at $2.50 for 10. The lady did me a deal and I got 50 charms for about $10 incl postage. I love a good deal!
The candles are all made from melted down candles that I got in 2nd hand shops. No-one likes a half burnt Christmas candle or one covered in dust but add heat and wahlaa! Fresh wax for pretty candles.
The stick on charms are the type intended for adding bling to your cellphone. I got a packet of...heaps...for $4 at an emporium shop.
The large starfish are made from the foam stuff used in 'peanut' packaging. $2.90 for pkt of 10 which the kids painted at home.
I downloaded clip art for free and just printed them onto the nice side of recycled paper. Who can tell when it's all glued together if it was new white paper or not? So long as it's clean it's re-useable :)

Happy decorating every-one! Enjoy your day with out the stress of it costing you and arm and a leg to make things pretty :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just Beachy!

 Back in June I posted some 'rock pool' candles and told you to ' watch this space'. The party is only a few days away and back then I thought I would have all the candles done ages ago! What was I thinking?
Anyway..I've now made the remaining shell candles, blinged some shells and made tags for the serviette and cutlery bundles. I can't wait to see the whole lot (table runners etc) all come together this weekend!

May your nest be blessed,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

To the market we shall go...

 I've recently started going to the local market to try my luck at selling home sewn goodies.
I made the icy-pop (ice lolly) cuffs last night from recycled polar fleece and fabric scrap. These were super easy and quick. I made my own pattern but got the inspiration from here.

 Flags, flags, flags! I love flags. The larger ones are beach flags or party/parade flags. The smaller ones are sandcastle flags. Every sandcastle needs a flag right?

My daughter made these fish rattles from recycled fabrics.
 If you've seen my last post (sail away with me) you will remember these boats. I finally got the photos to load for me so that I would share here. I'm getting lots of positive feedback on these but so far only 1 sale of each. Fingers crossed for better luck next time!
Where are all the punters?? Such a nice day but a poor turn out :( 
The organiser is struggling a bit, but willing to take on suggestions so hopefully this will be a great spring/summer market season yet!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sail Away with Me...

Come sail away with the markets that is! 
The lay out for this post is a bit odd thanks to computer gremlins who won't load the photos individually, forcing me to turn each one into a collage. It's a bit frustrating but this post wouldn't be very interesting without the photos so I will bear with it and hope you will with me!

The market this weekend will be my first ever. I was testing out my table layout when I took these photos so that's why the cloth and layout changes in the photo! I have been so inspired by pinterest pinners I thought it was only right to share some of the links I have enjoyed and found useful.

One: These are simple goggle bags, no need for a link here, simply make a small draw string bag and make a dent in your scrap pile at the same time!

Two: Fabric collage. I have made 3 of these using recycled fabric . This one isn't quite done, my boat needs a flag and a button like the ones in number three. All of the fabric I used is either bought second hand or recycled from clothing, duvet covers and pillowslips. 

Three: Sail boat wall hangings. I adore these. I've used pillowslips and dress shirts for them. I was inspired by these boats but how could I not be?
 The boats in number Four are from the same inspiration although I made these as soft rattles not wall hangings.
Five:  Sea horse wall hanging. You can see this better in the photo above. Isn't the shirt I used perfect for a sea horse? It's soft and almost velvety too. I was inspired by this sea horse pillow tutorial.

Six: Little softies and beanies. The beanie once are beautifully tactile, I'm tempted to play with them myself!

A few more sea themed morsels for you to enjoy...
Beach Hut door stop. This link also has 8 other projects to do.
Whale softie. Adorable whale that's a little different from most. Pattern on website.
Fabric Sail Boat book end. A 3 dimensional boat to 'anchor' your books.
Fabric fish. No tutorial but you get the idea from the photo.
Nautical Flag.chart. No craft but great reference!

That's all folks, may your nest be blessed!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MID WINTER Christmas Party

 A mid winter Christmas party needs...
 I love that I can have jonquils and red berry's in the same vase, a taste of winter and spring on my table.
Vintage toys...

 Silly games...
 Marshmallow's to roast and Christmas trees on sticks (aka gummy planes)
I'm loving the owl with the berries and pine cones! Spot the pasta chain too.
 Mini pine cone Christmas trees made by my son (we used a napkin ring as a stand)
and...vintage Christmas linen embroidered long ago!

Merry Mid Winter Christmas to you all!